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Airpop® Engineered Air where AIR is the major ingredient and POP the machining process. A popular name and appealing to consumers with less experience, but also a name that finally reveals what is really the most important properties of this product: the air to be 98%.
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In 1989, European manufacturers of expanded polystyrene have fused together in a European association called EUMEPS. Since then EUMEPS reflects the interests of all major manufacturers of EPS in Europe through national associations.
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GIFCO - Gruppo Italiano Fabbricanti Cartone Ondulato - within Assografici the National Association of Italian Graphic Industries and Paper Converting, groups and represents 74 factories covering 90% of the national production of corrugated cardboard.
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Since the late 90's ICSS throughout Europe synonymous production Shop in Shop for major manufacturers of appliances, production departments made directly within the establishments of the largest customers (with a minimum consumption of 700-1000 tons per year).
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Efficient and recyclable packaging
Packaging economical and versatile
Impact-resistant packaging
Packing light and durable
Transportable cheap
Engineering package
Commitment to the environment
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